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Helping You Invest in Gold and Silver

For many, investing in gold and silver bullion is important in an economy like this. Whether you need some 90% silver, or one ounce Gold American Eagles, allow us to help you expand your portfolio.


Sell Us Your Unused Jewelry or Precious Metals

Buying and selling gold and silver is something we do every single day for many people. If you have some old jewelry, silverware, or other precious metals, bring it in today and allow us to buy it!

Appraisals and Coin Estimates

We have a professional and licensed numismatist with over 40 years of experience. If you have a collection you need appraised or are curious about a coin's value, bring it in today for a free appraisal!


No Gimmicks Required

Don't be fooled by other "dealers" who buy and sell coins, gold, and silver. We've been buying and selling coins and more for over 50 years and have been trusted by your community for just as long.

Services we offer every day, no appointment needed!

Our mission is simple, we strive to be the leader in buying and selling of your coins, gold, silver, currency, and more for Northeast Wisconsin and it's surrounding area.

Make sure to bring in your precious metals and have them tested in our X-Ray Spectrometer. We can tell you exactly what they are made of and what quality and karat they're made of. 

We pride ourselves on educating our customers about coins, precious metals, currency, and more! At heart, we're collectors and investors just like you.

We believe knowledge is just as valuable as the coins we sell.

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